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The Tom Paxton Folio of Songs

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The Tom Paxton Folio Of Songs, 56 pp, 9" x 12". This is a very scarce early Tom Paxton songbook published in the UK in 1972.
United Artists Music, contains 15 songs mainly from the "How Come The Sun" album.
The folio contains piano/vocal/guitar arrangements for the songs:

  1. Can't Keep My Mind On Business
  2. Dogs At Midnight
  3. General Custer
  4. How Come The Sun
  5. Icarus
  6. I Believe My Love Loves Me
  7. I Had To Shoot That Rabbit
  8. I'm In Love With Molly Bloom
  9. Little Lost Child
  10. Louise
  11. Prayin' For Snow
  12. Sad Eyed, She Cried
  13. A Sailor's Life
  14. Uncle Jack
  15. She's Far Away

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