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The Honor of Your Company

Copyright 2000 Cherry Lane Music Company
ISBN 1-57560-144-3
143 pages. "The life and music of one of America's modern folk music legends as told in his own words and more than 85 songs!"

This book guitar/vocal arrangements for a lot of Paxton songs, but perhaps more important, it contains a lot of text by Tom Paxton, sharing with us a bit of his life and some of the stories and history behind some of his songs.

Songs included in the book:

  1. Yuppies In The Sky
  2. You Are Love
  3. Wish I Had A Troubadour
  4. The Willing Conscript
  5. Whose Garden Was This?
  6. Who Will Feed The People
  7. When Princes Meet
  8. When I Go To See My Son
  9. When Annie Took Me Home
  10. What Did You Learn In School Today?
  11. What A Friend You Are
  12. Wearing The Time
  13. Wasn't That A Party?
  14. Victoria Dines Alone
  15. The Unknown
  16. There Goes The Mountain
  17. Thank You, Republic Airlines!
  18. Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues
  19. She Sits On The Table
  20. Peace Will Come
  21. Passing Through Tulsa
  22. Outward Bound
  23. One Million Lawyers
  24. On The Road From Srebrenica
  25. Not Tonight, Marie
  26. No Time To Say Goodbye
  27. The Names Of Trees
  28. My Son, John
  29. My Ramblin' Boy
  30. My Lady's A Wild Flying Dove
  31. My Favorite Spring
  32. My Dog's Bigger Than Your Dog
  33. Mother
  34. Modern Maturity
  35. The Marvelous Toy
  36. Lyndon Johnson Told The Nation
  37. A Long Way From Your Mountain
  38. Little Girl
  39. Little Brand New Baby
  40. Leaving London
  41. The Last Thing On My Mind
  42. The Last Hobo
  43. Katy
  44. Johnson
  45. Johnny Got A Gun
  46. Jimmy Newman
  47. Jesus Christ, SRO
  48. Jennifer's Rabbit
  49. I'm The Man That Built The Bridges
  50. I Read It In the Daily News
  51. I Give You The Morning
  52. I Followed Her Into The West
  53. I Don't Want A Bunny-Wunny
  54. I Can't Help But Wonder (Where I'm Bound)
  55. I Am Changing My Name To Chrysler
  56. The Hostage
  57. The Honor Of Your Company
  58. Home To Me (Is Anywhere You Are)
  59. Home, Sweet Oklahoma
  60. The High Sheriff Of Hazard
  61. Goodman, Schwerner And Chaney
  62. Goin' To The Zoo
  63. Gettin' Up Early
  64. Forest Lawn
  65. The First Song Is For You
  66. Ev'ry Time (When We Are Gone)
  67. Did You Hear John Hurt?
  68. Deep Fork River Blues
  69. The Death Of Stephen Biko
  70. Dance In The Shadows
  71. Crazy John
  72. Corrymeela
  73. Come Away With Me
  74. Come Along Home - (Click here for lyrics)
  75. Coffee In Bed
  76. Clarissa Jones
  77. Cindy's Cryin'
  78. Bottle Of Wine
  79. Born On The Fourth Of July
  80. Blue Mountain Road
  81. Beneath The Bridge
  82. The Ballad Of Lorena Bobbitt
  83. The Ballad Of Gary Hart
  84. Bad Old Days
  85. Anytime
  86. Annie's Going To Sing Her Song
  87. And Loving You
  88. Along The Verdigris
  89. About The Children

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