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Bottle of Wine

Words and Music by Tom Paxton

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Bottle of wine, fruit of the vine,
When you gonna let me get sober?
Leave me along, let me go home.
Let me go back and start over.

Ramblin' around this dirty old town,
Singin' for nickels and dimes.
Times getting tough I ain't got enough,
To buy a little bottle of wine.


Little hotel, older than Hell,
Dark as the coal in the mine.
Blanket so thin, I lay there and grin,
'Cause I got a little bottle of wine.

It's a pain in my head, bugs in my bed,
And my pants are so old that they shine.
Out on the street, tell the people I meet,
To buy me a bottle of wine.


A preacher will preach, and a teacher will teach,
And a miner will dig in the mine.
I ride the rods, trusting in God,
And huggin' my bottle of wine.


October 1, 2014: Thanks to Jason, who wrote in and provided the following information on alternate verses.

Tom sang a French verse to it in the Live in the UK album, which was written by French folksinger Graeme Allwright:

Jolie bouteille, sacrée bouteille,
Veux-tu me laisser tranquille?
Je veux te quitter, je veux m'en aller,
Je veux recommencer ma vie.

[rough translation:]
Happy Bottle, sacred bottle
Will you let me be peaceful?
I want to quit. I want to move on.
I want to start my live over

The following verse in the In the Orchard album:

I went to the zoo for an hour or two,
And the weather was pleasant and fine.
While wanderin’ by a gorilla said, "Hi,
Did you have a little bottle of wine?"

The following verse in several live albums including Best of Friends and Live at McCabe's:

While strugglin' through to meet the latest guru,
I was the two-hundredth person in line.
I turned to a friend and saw the same in the end.
Why don't we get a little bottle of wine?

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