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A Folk Song Festival

Cover of A Folksong Festival

I've never seen this album myself. It was reported to me by Wally (wkamper@si.rr.com). He reports it as follows:

I have a title to add to your list. A cassette of a folksong festival on pax records. The year 1986.it has no number but an address on the tape 78 east park place, Hampton N.Y. 11937. It is 34:20 long. I found a copy in Virginia about 10 years ago and have never seen another copy for sale anyplace else. The funny thing about the tape is it's not live at a festival at all. Its a studio recording completely by pax. The tape may be one of a kind. The songs are as follows: [See list below.]

April 18, 2005: Evan Greenberger sent an email to add his knowledge of this mystery tape. He wrote,

I have this tape ("A Folksong Fesitval 1986"). It is not one-of-a-kind, though I suspect very few exist anymore. It was only released on tape, never on cd (or record, as far as I know). I saw mr. paxton perform in concert last night and brought the tape with me, and asked him about it while he was signing autographs. He said that it probably never will be rereleased, which is a pity, since I grew up listening to it and it is one of my favorite tapes. He said that he was inspired to record it by a love of old Burl Ives recordings, which explains the similarity of the tape to Ives.

April 4, 2015: Thanks to Jason and his friend for providing the image of this tape!

Song List:

  1. Oh Susanna
  2. My Little Mohee
  3. Clementine
  4. In Good Old Colony Days
  5. On Top Of Old Smokey
  6. The Riddle Song
  7. I Ride An Old Paint
  8. Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn
  9. Sweet Betsy Pike
  10. Paper of Pins
  11. The Golden Vanity
  12. Foggy, Foggy Dew
  13. Springfield Mountain
  14. Turtle Dove
  15. Danville Girl - (Click here for lyrics)

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