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A Car Full of Fun Songs

1999 Delta

Children's songs. Please note that this includes all of the songs on the 1997 album, "A Car Full of Songs". It is very easy to confuse the two!

I don't have a copy.


  1. We All Love To Go A-Traveling
  2. My Little Bear
  3. Are We There Yet?
  4. License Plate
  5. Somebody's Hungry
  6. Two Little Ducks
  7. We're On Our Way To Washington
  8. Mountain May Be Higher
  9. Sleepin' In The Back Seat
  10. Dad's Not Lost
  11. Traveling, Traveling
  12. I've Gotta Go
  13. Wheels Go 'Round
  14. This Old Car
  15. Car Bunnies
  16. I Spy
  17. Roll, Roll, Roll
  18. Long Road Is Taking Us Home

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